Staying Home

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels Being forced to stay home and cancel social obligations should be a writer’s dream, but I’m actually finding it difficult to write. Uncertainty isn’t the best climate to spark creativity, and when I do try writing, it’s centered around doom and gloom (hence my last blog post) and not my upbeat, normal … Continue reading Staying Home

Writing in a Time of Chaos

After my self-doubt post, I enrolled in a Coursera class focused on the craft of writing. I have to say, I've already seen a difference. It really makes me contemplate word choice to ensure the desired effect. For this week's assignment I was tasked with writing a 500-600 word short story. As soon as I … Continue reading Writing in a Time of Chaos

“I doubt anyone will read this.” Thoughts on Self-Doubt

"Do you mind reading this blog post? It's probably not good anyways." Those are the words I uttered to my husband after I wrote a draft of this blog post, which is ironic since this post is all about self-doubt... Some days I open the manuscript or essay I wrote and think it's the best … Continue reading “I doubt anyone will read this.” Thoughts on Self-Doubt

The Importance of Beta Readers

When I was a child, I shared my stories with my friends and family. Being naive, I thought everyone wanted to read my writing, and I even thought my stories were quite good. I was so confident in my writing that I even wrote stories for people as their Christmas gift; lucky them! I loved … Continue reading The Importance of Beta Readers

Making Time for Writing

Photo by Jordan Benton on Finding time to write that novel you have always been dreaming of creating is the hardest part of being a writer, because if you are like me, you have a day job, a social life, and extra-curricular activities. And honestly, some days, even if none of that existed, you … Continue reading Making Time for Writing