Book Updates

Being a signed author is exciting, but also very busy! My to-do list keeps growing. Not only am I working on edits from my editor, but I’m also trying to secure book launch venues, doing upkeep on my social media, and designing some creative marketing tools, all while writing a new book. Luckily I have an understanding husband when I disappear for hours at a time!

I have a few fun updates I’d like to share. My YA LGBTQ+ contemporary book, DOES LOVE ALWAYS WIN? is officially on Goodreads! I even have an author profile! I feel so official. If you have Goodreads, it would be great if you could add my book as “want-to read” and follow my author profile.

In addition, I am starting a monthly newsletter to share upcoming news for my book and writing career. I plan on having exclusive content for subscribers only including book teasers, a special Q&A interview with characters from my book, the cover reveal, and more! If you’d like to continuing following my book journey, you can sign up to receive my newsletter here.

This blog will be going back to being more of an overarching writing blog, along with some book recommendations. Sometimes it might tie into the books I write, but more in a story sense, rather than an update. My newsletter will be used for updates.

Thank you for following me on my blog, and I hope you will consider also signing up for my newsletter!

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