Special Feature-Q&A with Shorty Daniels

For a very special edition of my blog, this is going to be a Q&A with Sam "Shorty" Daniels, the main character of my upcoming YA LGBTQ+ contemporary romance debut Does Love Always Win? This is as if she was featured in a senior spotlight in her school's newspaper. DALE'S DAILY-SENIOR SPOTLIGHT with Shorty Daniels … Continue reading Special Feature-Q&A with Shorty Daniels

When Imposter Syndrome Strikes

It's inevitable, like death and taxes, the dreaded writer imposter syndrome. You never know when it's going to strike, and sometimes it can be crippling. All writers go through this, and it's been sneaking around my home recently at the worst possible time. I have a deadline for myself to finish the following by December … Continue reading When Imposter Syndrome Strikes

Deadline Driven

It's been hard to juggle all the various commitments I've had lately, between starting a new day job that's very writing based, editing my book that's being published, marketing for my book and all that it entails (social media, answering Q&A's, creating a newsletter, updating my website, creating business cards etc.), and trying to write/edit … Continue reading Deadline Driven

Music: A Way to the Soul

I come from a musical family, and am a musician myself, so it only made sense to incorporate music into my LGBTQ+ fiction young adult debut book, DOES LOVE ALWAYS WIN? My main character, Sam “Shorty” Daniels plays the trumpet (I play the French horn and piano), so I was able to pull from some … Continue reading Music: A Way to the Soul