Releasing June 20, 2023 from Creative James Media. Pre-order is available at or here.

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Does Love Always Win is a sapphic coming of age young adult novel that explores coming out and understanding one’s sexual orientation. 

Sam “Shorty” Daniels has a plan for her senior year, but her romantic life being a hot mess was not part of the agenda. Shorty quickly discovers she’s not attracted to her newest boyfriend and fellow marching band member Zack despite her many hours of daydreaming of what it would be like to date him. Their flirting previously had been so intense that those feelings have to come back again, right?

When Shorty’s asked to show the snarky new girl around high school, Shorty’s instantly intrigued by Kristy’s wit, and they bond over their love of writing. They quickly become inseparable, and Shorty has a breakthrough moment realizing why none of her other relationships worked out. 

Just as Shorty is about to break up with Zack, her bitter ex-boyfriend Bryan threatens to out her to the entire school and Shorty’s conservative parents. Will Shorty be able to overcome Bryan’s ridiculous blackmail scheme and get her dream girl?


Releasing September 2024 from Creative James Media.

Superficial is a young adult LGBTQ+ superhero novel for fans of Marvel and National Treasure. Both Lea Anderson and Jake Johnson would rather be any place else but WizCon, the biggest superhero fan convention of the year. While Lea is dreading being new third wheel to her BFF/former lover and her other friend, Jake is tired of yet another appearance as famous superhero, The Amazing Boy. When a convention wide power failure unexpectedly throws Lea and Jake together, they must team up to try and figure out why all of the occupants of the convention have disappeared without a trace, including Lea’s friends. Things get even stranger when Philadelphia’s iconic treasures go missing one by one at the hands of a one-eyed pirate hell bent on becoming the most powerful villain in the world. Lea, Jake, and a few new friends they meet along the way must defeat the sinister One-Eyed Barnacle to not only save the city of Philadelphia, but the world.

Diane Billas currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband and son. When she’s not writing she can be found reading multiple books at once, performing the French horn or piano, or dreaming of the next country she’s going to visit.