Impending Publication Thoughts

The publication date is looming for my YA LGBTQ+ contemporary romance novel Does Love Always Win? Actually, my pre-order campaign begins in two days as of this posting on April 3rd! My cover and blurb have been revealed and the rest of the ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) are being sent out shortly. Reviews are even starting to come in. This is all very exciting, but to be honest it’s also a little scary putting myself out there like this for the world to read.

I originally was thinking about publishing under a pen name. Having people read my work and know that it’s from me was initially terrifying, especially since this book is a queer story. I didn’t want people to wonder why me, who seemed straight on the surface, was writing a queer book. I didn’t want to have to out myself like how many other queer writers have been forced to come out once they were being straight-shamed. I couldn’t deal with that, but I also wasn’t ready to come out to people.

But I still decided to write my story. I’d deal with publishing under the pen name vs. my name later on. When I got my book deal the time had come where I had to pay the piper. I bit the bullet and came out to most of my friends and family members. Overall, it went well, but there’s still this nagging thought that once my book is out, there is no turning back. There will still be people I know that will no longer want anything to do with me. But I know that if that’s the case, they shouldn’t really be in my life to begin with even if it still makes me sad to think about.

I’m excited for teens to read my story and to have a book like this available to them. I wrote the book I wished I read in high school. Sure it might be scary and make me uncomfortable, but I just keep holding onto the thought that if this book can help at least one person, it will make it all worth it.

10 thoughts on “Impending Publication Thoughts

  1. You are the same person regardless of your sexual orientation. Why should it matter? If they live you, they love is as simple as that. Keep writing what you know….that’s the only way to be honest. Trust me, there is NEVER enough information and options available to those who need it!

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  2. Diane: A very well thought out and articulated presentation of your concerns. I think the most important thought is: if someone changes an opinion of someone, they don’t need to be in that persons’ life.

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  3. Just pre-ordered a copy! I’ll have to get it signed by the author 🙂 I’m so glad I got to be your first editor and so excited to have the physical book soon!! You’re the best!

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