Deadline Driven

It’s been hard to juggle all the various commitments I’ve had lately, between starting a new day job that’s very writing based, editing my book that’s being published, marketing for my book and all that it entails (social media, answering Q&A’s, creating a newsletter, updating my website, creating business cards etc.), and trying to write/edit my next book. What I noticed was my new book kept getting pushed to the side, which isn’t what I wanted to happen at all.

My publisher let all the authors that have a book signed with them know that there are a few more slots available for new books in 2024, and if we have anything to show them to send it to them in the next couple of months. I of course would LOVE to have my book ready by then, so that’s the kick in the pants that I needed to get into high gear to really finish editing my young adult superhero novel and be able to send it off to my publisher to consider. I have given myself a deadline of 12/23 to be completely finished. That also happens to coincide with my baby’s due date of 12/29. I’d love to be able to have my second book out of my hands before he is born!

This helps cement the fact that I really am a deadline driven person. Deadlines help motivate me and keep me on track as do to-do lists and clear goals. From now on, I need to remember this instance and give myself some deadlines for my writing projects to help them move along, especially since I’m going to be having one more exciting priority to juggle in my life, being a mother.

I’m looking forward to seeing how my work in progress takes shape in the next few months and can’t wait for it to be considered, because I actually already have another idea for a new book that I really want to start working on.

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