The End or a New Beginning?

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

It’s the time of year where everyone takes stock of their goals for the year ending and setting new ones for the year upcoming. But this year has been difficult for everyone, including myself, and you know what I’m going to do instead? Be compassionate and not beat myself up for not making my goals, and instead be grateful for what I have accomplished.

Some days this year I just didn’t feel like writing, or I couldn’t figure out what to write. I’d skip between projects hoping something would stick and when I was not feeling like writing I’d be hard on myself. Too hard. In addition, I’d be receiving emails rejecting my other novel that I’m trying to publish, which didn’t help my writer’s block. I’d say things like, ”You don’t have anything published, so you’re not a real writer anyways, so why even try?”

But you know what? My writer’s block always breaks at some point, and the words start flowing again. I’m now 40,000 words into my new superhero work in progress, which is further than I ever expected! I may not be a published author, but I’m only 35 (soon to be 36). I still have time and a lot of ideas. Just because one book might not work out doesn’t mean one of my other ones won’t. And who knows, maybe a publisher or agent in 2022 will read my book Does Love Always Win? and fall in love with it. You never know.

My goal for 2022 is to be patient and kind to myself, practice is self-care. Everyone has a different trajectory. Just because something isn’t happening for me right now doesn’t mean it might never happen. It will come when the time is right, whenever it may be.


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