Write What You Love

I always need to be writing something creative. If I’m not, I feel antsy or that something is missing. I’m still querying my book ”Does Love Always Win?” but I’ve been trying to work on other projects in the meantime. That’s actually been helpful in receiving rejections, because I start to think “Well, maybe one of my other projects will pan out if this one doesn’t lead anywhere.”

I’m excited to report I finally found a project that I’m really excited about and starting to work on it whenever I possibly can. I’m even more excited about this idea than either of my first two books, and you know why? I’m writing about a topic I love.

During one of the pitching events I was participating in I noticed so many pitches were based around something unique and fun, for example, a book based around a cooking show competition. Ideas that demonstrated the author was really into whatever the book was based around. That got me thinking. What do I like that makes me unique? What would grab someone’s attention that I also love?

Then it came to me. I LOVE superheroes, particularly Marvel, (DC not so much). They are my jam. I geek out when a new Marvel trailer is released, and I know way too much about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There also might be a large Marvel sign in the back of all my Zoom meetings (see above) and Thor and Loki figurines randomly throughout our house including a Minion dressed as Thor. And naturally, when the biggest Marvel actors came to Wizarding World in Philadelphia in 2016 I dragged my husband Matt to see them, all decked out in my Thor shirt. So why not incorporate my love of superheroes into my next book idea?

Diane Billas circa 2016. She’s VERY excited to go into the Wizarding World panel featuring Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

So that’s how I stumbled upon my idea for book number three. Now I’m in 54 pages, 14,000 words in, and I really enjoying writing the story. Think National Treasure meets Marvel. I’m still not exactly sure how it’s all going to end up, but I’m feeling really positive and can’t wait to get back to writing. I’ll leave you with my favorite section from the book so far.

“Watch that cape, you almost gave me brush burn,” the voice grumbles.

“Sorry. I never knew how annoying wearing a cosplay costume would be,” I reply.

When the silence continues, I nervously keep up with my word vomit. “This is my first time coming to one of these things. I should’ve taken a page out of your book and worn the incognito star look. The plane flight would’ve been way more comfortable, and I would’ve gotten less strange looks.”

Backup lights flicker on and I can just barely see the figure lift his head and look at me directly in the eyes. My heart drops.

“Yeah, well about the incognito star look,” he says, his dark eyes full of hesitation.

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