My Ode to Rejection

It’s been another couple weeks of constant rejection from agents. This news can be disheartening to say the least. But instead of giving up or wallowing in my own self-pity, I find writing about the experience helps me process my emotions. I thought I would share a recent piece I wrote after a particularly difficult rejection.

Fighting Back

I used to be excited checking my emails,

Now I dread the unread inbox

For fear of what I might find.

Most likely another rejection,

Is writing even worth my time?

Should I continue?

Who am I kidding?

I couldn’t stop if I tried.

Writing, the core of my being.

I can never give up.

Even as time passes, the years tick by,

Someday, something will stick.

If not, writing provides me refuge.

Forever hopeful,

Even one lone reader,

Maybe that could be enough?

So I perserve,

Unwavering pursuit of a dream.

No one can break my spirit.

Everyone keeps saying no,

I fight back,

And keep trying harder.

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