Dreaming of Adventures

Last year for my birthday, in addition to getting me a gift, my husband Matt drew me a picture of my stuffed koala “Brekkie.” It was so thoughtful and I knew it had to have taken a lot of time and work! So when Matt’s birthday rolled around, I was racking my brain for an equally thoughtful gift I could make. I certainly couldn’t draw something for him. Anything I’d draw wouldn’t look remotely like the end goal; and he’d be thinking “where’s the return receipt?” So I took a page from his book and I did one of the things I love the most, I wrote him a story. And, to keep it on theme, I wrote about “Brekkie,” because Matt and I are always joking around about how Brekkie must really enjoy coming along on all of our vacations as my stuffed companion. Unlike most of my writing, I wrote it as a children’s story, which allowed me to make it more whimsical and fun. Given the subject matter, I set the bulk of the story in Australia, one of my all-time favorite places to visit.

“Brekkie” by Matt Billas

Below is that story, enhanced by Matt’s editing and suggestions. We’ve had fun the past couple days working together to make this story even better! To escape the monotony of life at home, I thought that it’d be fun to share this different piece of writing and a few pictures from a past trip from which I drew inspiration. Hopefully, sometime in the not-too-distant future “Brekkie” can come along on another adventure with us, maybe even back to his homeland! But until then, he can keep living vicariously through this story.

Brekkie’s Adventure to America

Brekkie the koala lives in Australia with his koala family. He spends his days hanging out in eucalyptus trees and exploring Australia’s many fun spots. He has lots of friends including a kangaroo and a quokka, but his bestest friend of all is a bunny rabbit named Elsa. Brekkie and Elsa are always together having many adventures in Australia. Just last week they scuba-dove in the Great Barrier Reef, lounged on Cape Tribulation’s exotic beach, and explored the oldest rainforest in Australia, the Daintree Rainforest. They even spotted one of the rarest birds, a cassowary! Brekkie and Elsa have the most amazing adventures together!

One day Elsa came to visit Brekkie at his eucalyptus home, her bunny ears drooping.

“What’s wrong, Elsa? You aren’t your usual hoppy self!” Brekkie asked.

“My family is moving to America to be with the rest of our other bunny family members. We leave tomorrow,” Elsa said sadly.

“Oh no! You’re my bestest friend and my favorite adventure buddy!” Brekkie exclaimed, throwing his paws in the air.

“You have other friends, and I’m sure having adventures on your own can also be fun!” Elsa reassured him.

Brekkie sat on the ground, crossing his arms. “But I’ll miss you Elsa! Nothing will ever be the same.”

Elsa hopped over and put her paw on Brekkie’s back. “What if you visit me sometime?” Elsa suggested.

Brekkie imagined this for a second. “I’ve never even been on a plane before! That could be exciting!”

“It’s settled then! And time will fly, you’ll see! We will be together again before you know it!” Elsa exclaimed, hopping up and down.

Brekkie got up from the ground and gave Elsa a big, koala-bear hug. “I’m going to miss you, Elsa!”

“I’ll miss you too Brekkie! If either of us becomes sad, we can think about all of our good memories together. Bye!”

Brekkie waved goodbye as Elsa hopped away.

Days went by without Elsa, and Brekkie felt lost. He no longer had his adventure partner. Sure, his other friends were fun, but it just wasn’t the same. Brekkie explored other spots in Australia on his own, including the biggest rock in the world, Uluru, but he had no one to share his stories with. Brekkie sure needed something to lift his spirits!

One day, Brekkie was checking his mailbox and a lone postcard with a big red bridge displayed on the front sat inside.

“Oh goody! I got mail! I hope it’s from Elsa!” Brekkie said his voice raising with anticipation.

He ran as fast as he could back to his eucalyptus home to read the postcard. The note read:

America rocks! It’s fast-paced fun! Come and visit me soon! We can have a new adventure together! -Elsa

Brekkie jumped up and down on a eucalyptus tree branch. He was so happy he squealed with excitement. “I’m going to America!” he shouted.

Brekkie began his travel preparations immediately and bought his first ever ticket for an airplane. Brekkie had butterflies in his stomach. He was both excited and nervous at the same time. His family members tried to help reassure him, but gave him mixed advice on his journey.

Brekkie’s ready for his adventure!

“Now be careful, Brekkie. People don’t know what koalas are in America; you might get weird looks,” his dad stated.

“Don’t forget to pack plenty of eucalyptus, you won’t find that in America!” His mom suggested.

“Bring me back a big apple from New York!” His little sister requested.

“I won’t be in New York, silly Billie, and besides, that’s just New York’s nickname! But I’ll see if I can find something to bring home to you!” Brekkie promised.

The big day finally arrived. Brekkie was really leaving! All of his family came to the airport to see him off. They waved goodbye as he stepped through the airport doors, shouting “Bon Voyage” and “Safe Travels!” After checking his luggage with the helpful desk attendant, Brekkie was next sent to a place with shiny metal detectors and people checking bags called security agents. Everybody there looked very serious; it was bit nerve-racking for poor Brekkie! When it was Brekkie’s turn, the security agent coldly asked, “Are you going to America for business or pleasure?”

“I’m going to America to see my bunny friend Elsa to have an adventure!” Brekkie announced proudly, puffing out his chest.

“That sounds like pleasure to me. Have a good trip. Next!” the agent barked, allowing Brekkie to pass.

“Huh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!” Brekkie thought.

Brekkie placed his backpack on the security belt, slipped off his shoes, and walked through the metal detector. No alarm sounded. What a relief!

“Phew! That would have been embarrassing!”Brekkie said. Then he saw another agent rooting through Brekkie’s backpack.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” Brekkie asked, putting his paws on his hips.

“Sorry mate, we saw something odd in your bag on the X-ray cameras, but it was just this eucalyptus plant. What are your intentions with this?” The security agent asked.

“To eat the leaves, sir. That’s my airplane snack!” Brekkie replied.

“I see, well you are free to board then. Safe travels!”

Brekkie grabbed his backpack, stuffed his plant inside, and trudged to the gate. “Who knew I’d find myself in the midst of an adventure even before boarding a plane! Flying isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I can’t wait to actually get to America!”

Once Brekkie was on the plane, he played around with the different channels on the TV in front of his seat and watched the safety video. They were about to take off when his seat mate, a kangaroo said, “Mate, you should really chew some gum to help your ears!”

“Thank you! I had no idea, I’ve never been on a plane before,” Brekkie exclaimed, placing a piece of eucalyptus gum into his mouth.

After a loud roar, the plane shot up in the air. Brekkie grasped onto the sides of his seat. “This feels like a roller coaster! How fun!” He gazed out the window gawking at the sand and vast oceans disappearing from his view. “I wonder what America will look like,” Brekkie wondered.

After a bit, Brekkie became sleepy.

“Time for a nap!” Brekkie said, yawning while stretching his paws in the air.

The next thing he knew, the airplane stewardess came around with breakfast.

“Is it Brekkie time already?” Brekkie asked.

Brekkie is called breakfast in America. Here is your breakfast!” The stewardess emphasized.

“Brekkie has a different name other places? How confusing!” Brekkie chuckled and evaluated his breakfast of yogurt, an apple, a muffin, and orange juice. “Wow, what luck! Now I already have an apple for my sister!” Brekkie said, placing the apple in his backpack.

Brekkie had just finished eating when suddenly a voice crackled over the loudspeaker, “This is your Captain speaking. Landing preparations have begun, please sit back, stow your tray table to its proper spot, and we will be on the ground shortly!”

Brekkie put up his tray table, marveling at a huge red bridge just outside the window. It looked just like the bridge on the postcard from Elsa! “Wow! I hope I can explore that bridge and so much more!” Brekkie exclaimed.

After a smooth landing, Brekkie retrieved his luggage from the carousel. Good thing he put a piece of red ribbon on it, because all of the other luggage looked the same! Brekkie, not sure what to do next, looked around at the hustle and bustle occurring in the terminal when suddenly he heard, “BREKKIE!”

Elsa hopped over to Brekkie and gave him a big bunny-hug. Brekkie’s smile lit up his face, and he happily returned Elsa’s hug. He was reunited with his bestest friend at last!

“I missed you so much!” he gushed.

“I missed you too, Brekkie! I can’t wait to show you where I live and so much more!” Elsa said, jumping up and down.

“How exciting! Let’s go make up for lost time and take our next adventure!” Brekkie replied.

They left the airport, hand-in-hand, ready for anything!

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