A “Vacation” from Writing

Vacations are essential for everyone to take if possible; it’s a chance to recharge and help put your life and your writing into perspective.

If I don’t have a vacation planned I become antsy. I need a trip to look forward to; something to help me get through any tough day. Taking a vacation, whether it’s exploring a foreign country, hiking in the mountains, or relaxing on the beach, is a much needed break from the stresses of everyday life. Once I return back to reality, especially from a very relaxing and invigorating vacation, like my most recent trip to the Poconos with my husband, I’m ready to tackle anything that comes my way!

Hiking in the Poconos is one of my favorite vacation spots!

I also recently realized that a vacation from my work in progress is also imperative for my creative process. In the past when I was stuck, I used to just try to push through and keep going, even if I was not currently feeling committed to what I was writing. But, I found that wasn’t helpful, and it made me dread writing every morning. I wasn’t creating my best work, and even worse, it felt forced. Now, if I’m starting to feel burnt out or unsure of where my idea is heading, I take a short break. I don’t take a break from writing completely, because then I would get out of the habit; no, instead I try to change it up. I go back to something I had been writing in the past and continue editing that, or I might write a blog post or even a short story. On occasion, during my “writing vacation”, I develop a new idea for another book that I file away for later. At some point, I usually have an “ah ha” moment, where an idea hits me over the head for my current work in progress and has me scrambling to get back to my story, because I’m so excited to see where my new thought might lead me.

I can’t wait for my upcoming vacations: the beach in the summer and the Czech Republic this fall. I also look forward to my next writing vacation, because who knows what my brain will have in store for me during a well-deserved break!

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