Releasing June 2023: DOES LOVE ALWAYS WIN? from Creative James Media

Does Love Always Win? is a contemporary LGBTQ Young Adult novel that follows band geek and wannabe writer, Sam “Shorty” Daniels. Her romantic relationships with guys are always a hot mess. She quickly finds out she’s not attracted to her newest boyfriend Zack, just like the rest of her ex-boyfriends. When Shorty’s asked to show the snarky new girl Kristy around high school, Shorty’s immediately intrigued by Kristy’s wit, and they bond over their love of writing. They quickly become inseparable, and Shorty realizes why none of her other relationships worked out. Just as Shorty’s about to break up with Zack, her bitter ex-boyfriend Bryan threatens to tell the entire school and Shorty’s conservative parents her secret. Shorty needs to overcome her ex’s ridiculous blackmail scheme to get her dream girl. This title will be available across ebook platforms and as a paperback in June 2023 by Creative James Media.

Diane is also working on a contemporary LGBTQ Young Adult superhero novel from a duel perspective, drawn from Diane’s love of Marvel movies.